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°Fahrenheit 313 is Detroit’s hottest sneaker exchange. °Fahrenheit 313 aims to completely revolutionize the retail customer experience for buying, selling and trading sneakers via our Sneaker Exchange. Our mission is to always deliver the hottest sneakers for affordable prices to all sneaker lovers.

At the foundation of our company are the sneakers. Frederick Paul II founded °Fahrenheit 313 after living as a struggling college student who needed cash in order to survive away from home. An avid sneaker addict, Fred decided to sell some of his old vintage sneakers for extra cash. He successfully sold multiple pairs of sneakers on EBay, which led him to his new venture, °Fahrenheit 313. The company officially launched as The Heat Factory LLC on May 2nd, 2016.

“My passion for sneakers runs very deep and I knew there were others who shared the same love,” said Fred. “I wanted to create a space where others could profess their love for sneakers, unapologetically. That’s why I started °Fahrenheit 313.”

Our goal is to invest in Detroit and its revitalization by creating charities or by collaborating with other local charities. We believe that it is very important to reinvest back into Detroit, not for likes, not for show, but for real!

For the Love of Sneakers​

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