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Sept 27TH: Media Day kicks, Elephant Print 11s, and a Suitcase full of AF1s?

Sneaker News September 27th 2022


Air Jordan 1S & 11S "Elephant"

Releasing TBD 2023 - How are you feeling about these?

Nike Foamposite "Metallic Red"

Last released in 2017 via a very limited run, the Metallic Red Foams are releasing Summer 2023 - Are you excited for the return of the Foams?

Air Jordan 6 "Donda"

Christie’s new launch 'Department X' features the “Ye Walks” collection, featuring the ultra-rare Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Grammy” prototype and the Air JORDAN 6 “Donda” sample. The Donda 6s will be auctioned off and are expected to go for upwards of $1 million.

Nike Air Force 1 "Familia"

Celebrating Latino Heritage Month set to release Oct 1st as apart of Nike's Dia de Muertos collection.

Air Jordan 9 "Olive Concord"

Scheduled to release Jan 7th, 2023.

With a splash of concord to differentiate them from the 2012 release, the Olive 9s are back, sort of. How are you feeling about having Concord added to this classic colorway? Do you prefer these or the originals?


DAME: Revealed Kane and Undertaker kicks with 1 sneaker paying Homage to Kane and the other The Undertake

JOHN WALL: Pulled up to Media Day and put on the 2k4 Huaraches + about 20 additional pairs of Kobe's.


MoneyBagg Yo shows off a suitcase full of Air Force 1s that he says are a necessity to travel with. Do you think this is OD or would you do the same?

Is there any sneaker News we missed today? Let us know in the comments 🔥

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