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The journey and the inspiration

Through our eyes. July 13th 2019

"Under Construction" - Fahrenheit 313's retail location on the Avenue of Fashion - July 17, 2019.

The goal was always to remain true to Detroit.

Let us take you through our journey as we build our our one of a kind retail customer experience at 20114 Livernois Ave. You'll get to see some never before seen concept images and work in process store images.

The inspiration.

"Our location is a structurally sound white-boxed old office space that requires a significant interior design update to bring our unique customer experience to life. First we need to remove the current counters from the space.

We'll paint the store to match our brand colors. The floor will be removed, the underlying concrete will be polished and a logo graphic will be applied. We'll remove the current drop ceiling panels, paint the ceiling, and install track lighting using the current electrical sources. The sneaker wall will be tiled to appear brick and sneaker displays will be mounted within the wall. We'll install an interactive display so customers can browse our online inventory. We'll incorporate a pickup locker for online orders and QR codes on each product so that customers can quickly purchase and get product info.

We'll create a custom centerpiece display that'll be a talking piece for customers. We'll create a "create your own" waiting room where customers can order custom merchandise while they wait. Our back room will be fitted with movable industrial shelving for inventory. Currently we are confirming final contractor bids with our interior designer and have not started any renovations to the space."

Retail Store Concept image by Beast Creative @beast.creative

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Sep 17, 2022

Dang y’all been open for 2 going on 3 years that’s fire

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